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04 tips for baking with spices/media/132121/asha-pudding220-200_thumb.jpg<p>Take your taste buds along the Spice Route without even leaving your kitchen!  </p> <p>Snowflake’s collaboration with renowned chef, Asha Maharaj, has put our focus on <a href="/recipes/traditional-indian.aspx#.VEdgzslbgl0" title="Indian Cuisine">Indian Cuisine.</a> As everyone knows, Indian fare is renowned the world-over for its wonderful fragrance and spicy taste. Spices have been used in cooking since ancient times and we have a few tips for you to get the fullest flavour and the best pairings for your bake.</p> <p><br />1) Start with spices you know <br />Everyone knows that cinnamon makes the most humble apple pie stand out and a pinch of nutmeg livens up the most ordinary custard tart. These spices are a staple in any bakers kitchen, so they are a good place to start. Well-known spices like cinnamon,ginger, nutmeg, cloves and allspice can be used in crumbles, breads and puddings, it is time to experiment and have some fun.</p> <p><br />2) Be judicious with quantities<br />Some spices are stronger than others and too much may ruin your bake, so rather use a little at a time to get your flavours balanced, especially if this is the first time baking with that particular flavour.</p> <p><br />3)  Releasing the flavour<br />Turn up the heat to coax more flavour from your spices.  Put your spices in a small frying pan or skillet over medium-low heat, and shake the pan occasionally to prevent them from burning. The spices are toasted when you can smell their aroma. Transfer them immediately to a mortar and pestle for grinding, or simply pop your taosted spices into a bag and use a rolling pin to “grind” them.</p> <p><br />4) Mix your flavours<br />Don’t be afraid to mix “savoury” spices with your sweet bakes, for example: Chilli compliments sweet flavours incredibly well. If you’re baking a chocolate cake, add a good pinch of chilli powder or cayenne pepperto your icingor batter. Liven up your carrot cake by putting aside the cinnamon and nutmeg and opting for caraway seed instead. <br /><br />There are so many options and wonderful spices, have a look at our <a href="/recipes/traditional-indian.aspx#.VEdgzslbgl0" title="Traditional Indian Recipes">Traditional Indian</a> and <a href="/recipes/diwali.aspx#.VEdgo8lbgl0" title="Diwali Inspiration">Diwali Recipes</a> for more ideas to spice up your baking!</p> <p><br />#BakeHappy! <br /><br /></p>Taking the first tentative steps to baking with Spices - don't be afraid, Snowflake has 4 easy tips that will help you expand your spiced horizons. Baking|Baking Tips| Snowflake
4 tips for baking with spices