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05 Tips For Hassle Free Bread Baking/media/132123/3.png<p>Bake Better Bread – Snowflake’s tips for the best loaf.</p> <p><br />A slice of freshly baked bread, warm from the oven is one of life’s true pleasures. Making your own bread does not have to be a complicated and daunting affair. Snowflake has made a list5 of our top tips to baking bread, giving you a perfect loaf everytime.</p> <p><br />1) Resting your dough is vital!Let the dough rest before kneading, this will help the gluten strands settle before you start to break them apart, which allows your bread to rise beautifully.</p> <p><br />2) A quick test to see if your dough is ready for the oven is to very lightly touch the side of the loaf with your finger, don’t poke a hole in the dough, just press it as if you are tapping someone on the shoulder.  If the imprint stays and the dough doesn’t regain its shape you will know that your bread is ready to be baked.</p> <p><br />3) To achieve a wonderfully soft crumb just add a teaspoon of vinegar into your dough mixture before you begin kneading. This will ensure that the crumb stays soft after baking. If you want to give your bread a creamy taste without your bread tasting milky, just replace half your recipe’s water with full fat plain yoghurt.</p> <p><br />4) Kneading dough can be quite tiring! A quick way to see if you have kneaded your dough enough is totear off a small, walnut-sized ball. Pull and stretch the dough with your hands and if the dough doesn’t tear easily and you can almost see through the dough (the gluten window) then you will know that your dough is ready to go into the oven.</p> <p><br />5) A sure way to help your loaf rise to the occasion is to place a tray of boiling water at the bottom of your oven just before baking. The steam will help turn your crust a beautiful golden colour and will help your loaf toopen and rise dramatically .</p> <p><br />Always remember to always use the freshest ingredients when baking your bread. Snowflake’s White Bread Flourgives you the best results, after all, Snowflake is “Too Fresh To Flop!”</p> <p><br />There are so many great bread recipes on the Snowflake site but our personal favourite for this Heritage Day is the Roosterkoek, a traditional braai accompaniment, to enjoy with your family and friends. <br />#BakeHappy</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p>Follow Snowflakes hints for hassle free bread baking, too fresh to flop. Bread Baking| Bread Flour| Snowflake|
5 Tips For Hassle Free Bread Baking