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0Cooking Custard /media/131919/custard.jpg<p>Custard, just like <a href="/%20/products/#.U8OAFLEnLIU" title="Snowflake Products">Snowflake  Cake Wheat Flour</a> has been a constant addition to South African deserts and sweet treats for generations and now Snowflake is excited to be able to share in your delight and offer you our very own <a href="/%20/products/snowflake-baking-aids/vanilla-custard-powder.aspx#.U8N_8rEnLIU" title="Snowflake Ready Mix Custard Powder">Snowflake Vanilla Custard Powder</a>– available in stores now! <br />Custard can be both the simplest thing to make and at the same time the most frustrating thing in the universe. Custard has to be smooth and completely lump free and that generally means standing over the stove for minutes that seem like hours stirring your yellow milky mixture until your arm aches.</p> <p><br />But we have some useful hints and tips that will ensure you serve the smoothest, tastiest custard that will compliment your <a href="/products/snowflake-creations/malva-pudding.aspx#.U8OBsbEnLIU" title="Snowflake Creations Winter Warmers Malva Pudding">Snowflake Creations Malva Pudding</a> and will knock the socks off your friends and family. <br />First things first; before you start boiling milk and stirring the pot you want to make sure that all of your <a href="/products/snowflake-baking-aids/vanilla-custard-powder.aspx" title="Snowflake Ready Mix Custard Powder">Snowflake Vanilla Custard Powder</a> is thoroughly mixed in with the liquid – and by thoroughly we mean absolutely mixed in. This can be done with a whisk as it will speed up the process. Or if you are very lazy you could attempt mixing it together with an electric mixer, but that might just leave you with milk and custard powder dripping off your nose and ceiling.</p> <p>Once you have mixed your milk and custard powder thoroughly you will need to boil it, we know that it’s tempting to turn your stove up really high and get your pot boiling in double time, but that could result in scorching the milk and lumpy custard and no one has time for that. So channel your inner tortoise and boil your custard mixture slow and steady. After all, slow and steady boiling results in beautifully smooth custard. While the custard is on the stove make sure you stir (using a wooden spoon) the mix constantly and squash out any lumps that may have snuck in.</p> <p><br />If your custard becomes too thick too quickly you can always add a splash of milk to thin down your mixture but remember that as your custard cools down it will thicken up any way. Once you have added more milk continue stirring your mixture. You will know that your custard is ready when the custard coats the back of a wooden spoon.</p> <p><br />Things to remember for<a href="/products/snowflake-baking-aids/vanilla-custard-powder.aspx" title="Vanilla custard powder"> perfectly smooth custard from Snowflake</a>: <br />1)    Thoroughly mix your Snowflake Ready Mix Custard Powder with milk. <br />2)    Set a large saucepan on a medium heat. <br />3)    Stir continuously with a wooden spoon. <br />4)    Boil the mixture slowly. <br />5)    If lumps have forms squash them with the back of the spoon. <br />6)    If your custard has curdled you can use an electric blender to smooth out the lumps, add a touch more liquid and reheat slowly.</p> <p><br />Serve your Snowflake Ready Mix Custard Power with your favourite dessert and enjoy! <br /><br /></p>