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0Baking Cake Pops/media/132199/cakepops.jpg<p>Cake pops; those heavenly bite sized cakes on a stick, wonderful to look at, delicious to eat but somewhat tricky to make. Snowflake has some easy to follow tricks that will ensure that your cake pops turn out perfectly.<br />There are special cake pop trays that will help you bake your batter into balls but not every kitchen cupboard has one of these so we’ve decided to help you by giving you some easy tricks to create your own cake pops. </p> <p>1) All you will need to make your own hassle free cake pops is a cake, a simple, plain cake that hasn’t been iced yet. With an immersion blender you will turn your cake into crumbs. Once you have a mixing bowl full of cake crumbs you will need to add your buttercream icing. The general rule of thumb is to add your icing to your crumbs a little bit at a time. For the average cake pop mix you will need 1/3 of a cup of buttercream frosting. </p> <p>2) In order to get the right amount of mixture for the perfect pop it is advisable to use a measuring spoon or a stainless steel coffee scoop. This will give you the right amount of “dough” to make a cake pop that will not slip of the stick. </p> <p>3) Keep your cakepops chilled this will help the cake pop weather the test of time, transport and firm up a little bit for when you want to dip your cake pop.</p> <p>4) Dip your stick into the melted chocolate or cake pop covering and NEVER attempt to make a cake pop without this step. Dipping your cake pop stick into the icing or melted chocolate acts as glue or cement that will help secure the ball on to the stick. </p> <p>5) When you are dipping your cake pops in their chocolate coating, keep your chocolate warm and try not to reheat it as this will make it lumpy. Make sure all of your cake pop is coated. </p> <p>6) While letting the coating harden use florist’s oasis to keep them upright. You can also use egg boxes or polystyrene. <br />We love seeing your wonderful creations, please post pictures of your cake pops to our Facebook wall. <br />#BakeHappy</p>